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Tires Service

At Velasquez Auto workshops, we work with tire experts willing to help you choose the tires that best suit your driving style and the requirements of your vehicle.

Have those rims you cherish so much suffered scratches? Do you have your vehicle in perfect condition, but the tires spoil its image? The solution to these situations is tire services in Baton Rouge.

Velasquez Auto Repair mount and replace news tires to keep your vehicle running efficiently and dependably for driving in Baton Rouge and Louisiana state.

Book an appointment! At Velasquez Auto Repair. Call us today at (225) 273-5700 or Visit Us at 11650 Florida Blvd. 

Our Tires service Baton Rouge


What is Tires service?

Starting from the beginning that tires are one of the most important elements for the functionality of our car, in addition to the fact that they play a great role in road safety; it is vital to recognize how important it is to keep them in good condition.

At Velasquez Auto Repair we take care of evaluating your tires, to then suggest the appropriate repair, or replacement if necessary.

-Repair of covers: punctures, vulcanized
-Visual and pressure check

When it is necessary to evaluate your car, do not hesitate to trust Velasquez Auto, we do maintenance and evaluation without an appointment.

How does tire repair work?

In Baton Rouge, Louisiana the condition of the roads is not good. It is common for our wheels to suffer wear, bumps, curbs and a long series of damages due to their use. When this happens, it is relatively easy to change new or pre-owned tires. But the restoration of the tires is also part of the services necessary to leave the wheels as new.

If the scratch is superficial and the shape of the rim has not been affected, the repair is easier. However, if the damage is so serious that a loss of material is perceived, at Velasquez Auto Repair we analyze the type of alloy compound in your tire and restore it with the same material so that it looks like new.

If you suspect your car is due for a Tires Service, wait no longer! Contact us today to request a budget to keep your car in running shape ASAP.

What are the signs that your car needs new tires?

  • Utility tires designed for everyday and urban use
  • Tires designed for the safety and comfort of your vehicle in motion
  • Sports tires with better grip, more extreme performance and shorter braking times
  • SUV or 4×4 tires for maximum performance
  • Van tires for those professional users where their vehicle becomes their means of work
  • Anti-puncture tires (to be able to continue driving a certain distance regardless of whether the wheel of your vehicle has suffered a puncture
  • Winter tires
  • All season or mixed tires, for those months in which the weather is adverse.

If you suspect your car is due for a Transmission change, wait no longer! Contact us today to request a budget to keep your car in running shape ASAP.


Our guarantee for your tires service

We use the best materials and a procedure with 100% guaranteed quality. We ensure a new protection and an impeccable finish. This guarantee is the same as in the rest of our services, such as window repair, oil change, brake change, or our car painting service, among others.
Do not worry about the size, the material of your tire or the brand of the vehicle to which it belongs.

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The first thing you need to know is the size of the tires your car uses. The most common tire size for passenger cars is 205/55 R16, and for SUV cars it is 225/45 R17, but there are more options. You can check it in the technical sheet of the vehicle.


Tires Pressure Tips

Quality Parts for our Local Engine management services in Baton Rouge

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Your Vehicle Is In Good Hands.

From auto repair and towing to used parts, trust the professionals at Louisiana Automotive.

You can trust the professionals at Baton Rouge Auto Repair to get the job done right every time!


VELASQUEZ AUTO REPAIR provides the Louisiana area’s most extensive expertly executed range of Automotive Repair and preventive maintenance services. 


Have a question you don’t see answered above in our auto repair FAQs? Call us today to support a family owned independent auto repair shop. (225)517-5176 or visit us on 11650 Florida blvd

Do you work with insurance companies?

Yes we do. Here at Velasquez Auto Repair LLC, we have working relationships with many major insurance providers throughout the local area.

How long will my repairs take?

Here at Velasquez Auto Repair & Body shop, we understand how important your vehicle is to you, and we will do everything in our power to ensure your repairs are completed in a fast and accurate manner. The estimated time for repairs varies greatly depending on what needs to be done in order to get your car repaired. Our team of professionals will provide you with a more exact time estimate once we determine what needs to be done, and how long it will take to get the parts needed to do the job.

If my frame is damaged, does that mean my car is totaled?

No necessarily. Frame damage is a fairly common occurrence after a collision, and thanks to modern equipment and repair techniques, most collision repair shops are able to properly repair even badly damaged frames. Whether or not your car is going to be totaled really depends more on the overall value of your car.

Do YOU have guaranteed certified?

A written, GUARANTEED WORRY-FREE NATIONWIDE WARRANTY is included free whit every qualifying repair. Covers up to the original invoice amount of Parts, Labor & Diagnostic time.

How do car repair warranties work?

Car repair warranties protect buyers from costly repairs to their vehicle. When a vehicle is under a factory warranty, also called a new car warranty, the manufacturer of the vehicle covers needed repairs under its warranty terms and conditions.

Which Car Brands we do repairs?

Any make or model. Call us for more info.

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Offering The Best guarantees for the best customers in Louisiana”

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