At Velasquez Auto Repair, reprogramming the vehicle’s electronic control unit is a common practice to increase engine torque and power. In addition to improving performance, reprogramming also has other utilities that may not be so well known.

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Our Car computer services


Car Computer Program services in Baton Rouge?

At Velasquez Auto Repair, we know that each car is unique. That is why we have designed a comprehensive service that takes into account the specific needs of your vehicle and its engine. We have a fully equipped headquarters with last generation power bank, machines and tools to be able to evaluate and adjust your car to measure. What are you waiting for?

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The Computer system services include:

  • Remove & Replace
  • Software Update
  • New Computer
  • Reprogramming

At Velasquez Auto Repair, our mechanical workshop we offer the client the possibility of bringing their own parts that they have bought and that are new or scrapped, in this way the client can reduce the cost of the service.

Reprogramming the control unit

Car reprogramming is the most common, but there are other types of vehicles that can be boosted, looking for optimal engine performance. The technologies currently used in many vehicles allow us to take a step forward in engine management. The incorporation of electronics in this type of vehicle allows us in some way to customize the delivery of its power, among many other things. Cars, trucks, tractors.


Can fuel consumption be lowered through reprogramming?

Yes and no. We must be aware that if we have more power, we will have a higher fuel cost because it has to come from somewhere. But after reprogramming, a higher torque is achieved at low revs, so you can drive in high gear for longer, something that benefits consumption.

Exhaust system

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Do you work with insurance companies?

Yes we do. Here at Velasquez Auto Repair LLC, we have working relationships with many major insurance providers throughout the local area.

How long will my repairs take?

Here at Velasquez Auto Repair & Body shop, we understand how important your vehicle is to you, and we will do everything in our power to ensure your repairs are completed in a fast and accurate manner. The estimated time for repairs varies greatly depending on what needs to be done in order to get your car repaired. Our team of professionals will provide you with a more exact time estimate once we determine what needs to be done, and how long it will take to get the parts needed to do the job.

If my frame is damaged, does that mean my car is totaled?

No necessarily. Frame damage is a fairly common occurrence after a collision, and thanks to modern equipment and repair techniques, most collision repair shops are able to properly repair even badly damaged frames. Whether or not your car is going to be totaled really depends more on the overall value of your car.

Do YOU have guaranteed certified?

A written, GUARANTEED WORRY-FREE NATIONWIDE WARRANTY is included free whit every qualifying repair. Covers up to the original invoice amount of Parts, Labor & Diagnostic time.

How do car repair warranties work?

Car repair warranties protect buyers from costly repairs to their vehicle. When a vehicle is under a factory warranty, also called a new car warranty, the manufacturer of the vehicle covers needed repairs under its warranty terms and conditions.

Which Car Brands we do repairs?

Any make or model. Call us for more info.

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